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Curb Appeal Checklist

In our last post we talked about the top ten things you should do before listing your home! Curb appeal being one of them!

In warmer weather, curb appeal becomes even more important, and is a great way to show off your home! Not to mention - some of these items are great projects while we are all spending a bit more time at home!

Here are a few recommended tips/tricks to boost your curb appeal:

Hanging baskets, or planters – have a porch or front stoop to show off? Invest in a few hanging baskets. We love ferns because they’re neutral, pretty easy to care for, and last into the fall.


Refresh your bed – Some fresh mulch goes a long way. Cover your existing landscaping with a new layer of mulch. We prefer bright black mulch over other varieties like brown, or red.


Power wash – if you have vinyl siding, it’s likely looking a little weathered after the winter. A quick power wash will make it look fresh and ready to sell!


Lawn – make sure to always keep your lawn looking maintained. Have some bare spots? Fill in with seed and straw or hire a landscaper to spruce up your yard!


Pop of color – Pack a punch for pictures with pops of color around your landscaping. Petunias, marigolds, and snapdragons are a few of our favorite annuals.


Repaint your door – Is your front door dirty or chipped? A fresh paint job will go a long way. After all, it’s the first thing a buyer sees as they enter your home!


Wash your windows – Always want your home to look as bright and fresh as possible. Wash your windows inside and out in the spring to reduce the glare, and ensure as much light is coming through as possible.


Making Moves,

The Elle Kaye Group

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