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Hosting the Perfect Summer Housewarming Party

If there is one thing I know myself to be good at - it is hosting a kick butt party! I was an event planner in a previous life, and putting together a cost effective shindig gives me so much joy!

Summer is the BEST time to host - it's warm, you can use both your indoor and outdoor spaces (if you choose), and you can use your grill, which if we are being honest, makes even the cheapest food taste like a million bucks (see grilled hot dogs in the dictionary for an explanation...kiddinggg).

Housewarming parties are an easy way to introduce your friend/family group to your new home all in one quick swoop, and bonding over food, drinks and some fun yard games is a good way to bring everyone together!

Here are a few pro tips to ensure your housewarming party is top notch!

Drink Dispensers & Big Batch Cocktails! Break the ice for your guests with a signature drink. Whether it be a cocktail, or a mocktail - just make sure it is something that appeals to the masses. This also keeps you away from the bar, and out mingling with your guests! My favorite is a fresh strawberry lemonade with basil, or mint! Boozy makes it better, but make sure you mark it as adults only if you plan to add a spirit!

Here's the drink dispenser I have! It is super affordable and has lasted me several years at this point! - - - >

This cocktail can essentially be made to taste, but I like to use the following:

Two Large Containers of Simply Lemonade

Package of Fresh Strawberries - sliced

1-2 Lemons - sliced

2 Lemons - squeezed

Bottle of your favorite spirit (rum, vodka, gin and tequila all work great!)

Handful of fresh basil, or mint!

Top with sparkling mineral, or soda water if you choose!

If batch cocktails aren't your thing - a Moscow Mule is an easy crowd pleaser! - - - >

Yard Games - Games are a great way to get people mingling and involved! Corn Hole, Bocce & Giant Jenga are always my go-to, and Wayfair & Amazon have some great sets!

MARINADE - Marinade, literally everything. Store bought marinade works just fine, as does a simple Italian dressing, but my go-to for poultry and veggies is always a simple mix of olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh lemon and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary!

I emphasize fresh because it really does make a world of difference! Throw this on pork chops (bone-in, or boneless), boneless/skinless chicken thighs (my personal favorite), or chicken breasts and you have a main dish to die for!

Another staple in my house is Spice Islands Taco Seasoning (I get it at Costco - it's huge, but it's worth it) and olive oil - throw that mixture in a plastic baggy with some fresh lime juice and a package of chicken thighs, marinade for 30 minutes - 1 hour, grill and you land on some chicken tacos, or a main dish that your friends will be raving about for months!

Condiment Bar - I am obsessed with these! Large ramekins, or small bowls work so well and make your spread look a little more elevated, leaving your guests with a great impression - even if you are serving just hot dogs and hamburgers!

((Pre COVID I probably would not have thought to say this, but SANITIZER at the start of your buffet is an excellent idea to make everyone feel comfortable and safe! Another good tip is to make sure you have plenty of serving utensils ready to go so no one has to grab anything with their hands!)

Salads of ALL varieties - Fruit, Pasta, Potato, you name it. They should all make an appearance!

Paper Plates - HIGH QUALITY paper plates. Don't skimp on this. I know you want to - I want to too, but if you haven't switched over to a more environmentally friendly, melamine plate, or you are simply hosting too many people...splurge. Grab more than your guest count of all utensils, napkins

S'mores - Easy dessert, adults and kids love them! I repurposed a plastic utensil tote into a s'mores carrier and keep it stocked all summer long!

Bug Spray and citronella candles ON DECK! Have them out and ready for dusk!

I could go on and on, but these are some of our favorites! Let us know if you use any of our tips!

Making Moves,


Marketing Manager | Former Event Planner | Hostess with the Mostess

The Elle Kaye Group

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