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Ten things to do before listing your home.

Putting your house on the market can be incredibly intimidating. The Elle Kaye Group is here to make the process easy!

First up, and probably the most beneficial thing you can do to seamlessly get this process started The Elle Kaye Group and schedule a preliminary walk through of your home.

Our walk through will start with a tour of your home as if we were the buyers, followed by a simple discussion of our initial recommendations - most of which are included below. We will give you an idea on price, which can fluctuate based on the updates you choose to do, and finally, provide a list of referral partners to help you get your home ready for the next owner! We are here every step of the way - from this first meeting to the time you pass off the keys to the next homeowner!


Declutter/Purge: You’re moving anyway so start the process now. Organize what you will be taking with you and donate what you don't use anymore - make your home look like it is straight out of the magazines!

Pro tip:: Buyers open everything during showings (cabinets, drawers, closets - you name it!) make sure even the inside of drawers are pristine!


Depersonalize: That 18x24" baby photo, and life-size collage from the beach last summer add an amazing personal touch, and really transform your house into a home, BUT we want potential buyers to visualize themselves living there! When you decide to list, you need to emotionally separate yourself from the home - taking photos down is a great first step.


Do a pre-listing inspection: You should know what’s going on in your house before your buyer does. Do an inspection before you list to make any safety repairs and use as leverage throughout negotiations.


Neutralize paint colors: You may LOVE a deep, red accent wall, but not everyone does. We recommend painting all walls to match. Our favorite colors are Pure White by Sherwin Williams and Revere Pewter Grey by Benjamin Moore.


Update appliances: Yeah, you’re leaving and won’t have a long time to use these, but your buyers will pay a premium for anything NEW! Check out the new black stainless steel selections – way less fingerprints, and buy around holidays for a good discount!


Update mechanicals: Any furnace, A/C, or hot water tank that is more than 15 years old will have a buyer nervous and unsettled. You can list for a premium with updates like these!


Kitchen updates: Have outdated cabinets, but they still function great? Hire a pro to paint them a neutral color (We love white and grey), install some new hardware (Matte GOLD is IN!), and install soft close hinges – LIKE NEW!


Curb appeal: Spruce up your curb appeal with some perennials, potted flowers, and/or a new painted door – make your home stand out!


Staging: Consult The Elle Kaye Group about ways to move your furniture to make your space feel larger, fresh, and inviting!


Even in this unprecedented time we are still here to help our clients achieve their real estate goals! The spring market is pushing through! If you're considering a purchase or sale - reach out so we can chat about your options, and the safest/healthiest way to proceed!

Making Moves,

The Elle Kaye Group

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